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EU sources, countries rejecting quotas will be fined

6,500 euros per refugee, Paris and Berlin don't agree

21 September, 16:13

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS - As for the EU member states facing difficulties in relocating the refugees, the ambassadors of the EU28 (Coreper) are taking into account two options in view of the home affairs council scheduled for tomorrow. According to EU sources, Coreper is thinking of paying 6,500 euro fine per refugee, but up to a maximum of 30% of the total quota of refugees to be relocated.

The second option being discussed is to allow the countries to postpone the resettlement by six months. France and Germany are opposed to the first option.

The penalties, amounting to 0.002% of GDP for the countries that do not relocate the refugees, up to a maximum of one year, which had been proposed by the European Commission within the Juncker package dating back to September 9, have been set aside.

A tentative agreement was reached on the total number of 120,000 resettlements to be carried out. However, it was decided to avoid words like ''mandatory'' or ''voluntary'', in order to bypass all the difficulties that had led to a deadlock in recent days. One of the three annexes to the legal decision provides the number of refugees to be relocated by each country, but without mentioning any percentage. (ANSA).

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