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Amnesty International, migrant rights in Austria violated

Over 1,000 forced to camp out in the open close to Vienna

14 August, 19:13

(ANSA-AP) - VIENNA - Amnesty International is reporting serious human rights violations at Austria's main immigrant collection center, including overcrowding forcing more than 1,000 people to camp out in the open.

The Amnesty report says those without a roof over their head at the Traiskirchen center, south of Vienna, include women with families and unaccompanied children.

Presenting the findings Friday, Amnesty Austria head Heinz Patzelt said he is "unspeakably angry." He said the conditions represent a failure to care for refugees fleeing wars and violate U.N conventions on the rights of children and women.

The Interior Ministry acknowledged a "precarious situation." It noted that a pending law would allow migrants to be housed on or in property owned by the federal government, over the objections of Austria's provinces that have rejected migrant quotas. (ANSA-AP).

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