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Serbia-Croatia: Belgrade reports campaigns against Serbs

Serbian community's leader, intolerance and racism growing

25 July, 17:48

(ANSA) - BELGRADE - Serbian minority's situation in Croatia is getting more and more difficult, and in the last three years, demonstrations motivated by racism, nationalism and intolerance, have occurred far more frequently. This 'worrisome' situation is reported by Milorad Pupovac, the president of Serbian Community in Croatia, where, according to him, campaigns against the Serbs are becoming more and more frequent.


In an interview with the daily newspaper Danas, based in Belgrade, Pupovac mentions, particularly, the increasing hostility towards the Cyrillic writing, that many Croats consider to be a symbol of the ''Serb attacker'' dating back to the fratricide war in former Jugoslavia during the 90s. These campaigns, Pupovac said, are hampering the Croatian government's efforts to fulfil its duties towards the Serbian population and those linked to the country's new commitments, since its accession into the EU two years ago.


Serbia's representative to the Croatian parliament expressed sharp criticism of the military parade scheduled in Zagreb for August 4, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ''Operation Storm''. During this military offensive, at the end of the war between Serbia and Croatia (1991-1995), thousands of Serbs were killed and more than 200,000 people were kicked out of Croatian territory. These celebrations, Pupovac warned, may pose serious threat to Belgrade's relationship with Zagreb.


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