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Survey in Austria, 46% want Greece to leave the eurozone

Same percentage disapproves referendum in Athens

04 July, 11:22

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - 46% of Austrian respondents say they are opposed to let Greece remain in the eurozone, 41% say instead that Athens should stay in the euro, 13% do not express their opinion, according to a survey conducted by the think tank 'Austrian Society for European Politics' (Oegfe), released today in Vienna, and based on a sample of 523 people representative of the Austrian community. The percentage of Austrians who still want to see Greece in the eurozone rises to 61%, however, if you take into account only the respondents who have a higher education (college or university).

The same percentage (46%) of respondents said to have a rather bad opinion of the Greek decision to hold a referendum on the negotiations with Brussels, while 39% specifies to consider it as a quite positive move of Athens. 15% do not know or do not respond. Compared to a previous survey made by Oegfe, dating back to February, in Austria, however, there is a rising percentage of people who think that the eurozone ''should be meeting'' Athens' needs with regard to debt (28-38%), while the percentage of opponents has slightly decreased (from 58% in February to 56 at the present time), though being the majority.(ANSA).

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