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Alto Adige, Vienna discusses passport and self-determination

Decision sparks row, South Tyrol right party protests

02 July, 15:01
(ANSA) - BOLZANO/BOZEN - Dual-nationality passport, Italian-Austrian, and self-determination: the relations between Vienna and Tyrol are the focus of political debate in Austria.

With regard to the issue of dual-nationality passports, local media quoted the Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, who spoke during a visit to Innsbruck in the Tyrol region. Kurz, who appears very skeptical, said that Austria, as a rule, seeks to avoid dual-nationality passports and refer the matter back to Parliament. From Bolzano/Bozen, Governor Arno Kompatscher, said - speaking with German-language daily newspaper Dolomiten - that this issue is important, but some other issues are even more important to Alto Adige/South Tyrol. Philipp Achammer SVP's political secretary, claims to have no intention of putting pressure on the Austrian partners.

A document submitted to parliament by SPOE (liberal-national party) was rejected. The parliamentary committee, instead, approved a document issued by the ruling parties, which does not mention self-determination of South Tyrol, referring loosely to 'support for the development of autonomy'. The decision sparked protests from the right party in Bozen (South Tyrol). (ANSA).

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