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Czech Republic, immigration more dangerous than Cold War

Prague in favour of refugee camps in Africa and Middle East

01 July, 16:29

(ANSA) - PRAGUE - Immigration threat is more dangerous than the Cold War, according to Czech Finance Andrej Babis, who commented on this issue speaking with the daily Pravo.

Babis declared his support for the construction of refugee camps outside the borders of the Schengen area, in Africa and the Middle East. Illegal refugees arrested in the EU without residence permits, he said, should be immediately moved to these areas. ''The Isis, terrorism and illegal migration are an even greater threat to Europe than a conflict or Cold War with Russia. The EU should build refugee camps in areas overlooking southern and eastern Mediterranean, where asylum applications could be examined and evaluated. The goal is a controlled migration'', Babis said. Prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka agreed with him. Babis is critical of the redistribution policy of 60,000 refugees, on a voluntary basis. According to him, if each country makes its own decision, just like Hungary has already done, the Schengen area will run the risk of dissolving''.


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