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Cei: Ohrid summit, focus on Ukraine and radicalism

EU member countries urged to support Balkans' integration

15 June, 20:05
(ANSA) - OHRID - There are growing concerns about the situation in Ukraine and there is an increasing commitment to defending the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Fears are growing, because of Islamic radicalism and terrorism, an issue that is challenging Europe, too. An appeal was launched to EU member countries to continue supporting all the states - especially in the Western Balkans - seeking to join the EU. These were some of the issues addressed by the Foreign Ministers of the EU member countries which take part in the Central European Initiative (CEI), who met today in Ohrid, Macedonia, at their annual summit. The meeting was also attended by Italy's Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, along with his by counterparts from Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, and several deputy ministers of the other members of the CEI. During the summit, some participants said they are satified with Albania's progress towards EU integration and they let know that they are hoping the political leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina will develop a reform programme. Ministers also called for Serbia's and Kosovo's committment to the pacification of their relations and underlined the importance of the eastern partnership. (ANSA).

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