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Kosovo, country important source of IS foreign fighters

According to a report, 125 fighters per million inhabitants

16 April, 19:34

(ANSA) - PRISTINA - In mid-January, the Islamic fighters who left Kosovo to join the IS jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq were 232. While reporting the news, the Kosovar Center for Security Studies (Kcss), quoted by the daily newspaper Koha Ditore in Pristina, pointed out that Kosovo is among the countries with the highest percentage of foreign fighters: 125 fighters per million inhabitants. Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked second: 85 fighters per million inhabitants.

According to Kcss report, Kosovar fighters would be mainly prompted by the 'takfirism', extremist Islamic ideology which is headed by ISIS, emerged in 2005 from Kosovo, where it could have been brought in by some imams from Skopje (Macedonia) who would have learned it during their studies in Egypt. According to Kcss report, this is a small group of extremists, but it nevertheless represents a serious threat to Kosovo's security. (ANSA).

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