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'No obstacle to sell arms to Ukraine', Polish minister says

Siemoniak:'Russia constitutes threat for Europe'

29 January, 16:36
(ANSA) - WARSAW - "There are no obstacles for the Polish military industry to sell arms to Ukraine", said the country's Defense Minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, during a press conference in Warsaw dedicated to security in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.

"Russia, with its military means, constitutes a longterm threat for Europe", said the Minister, while reminding of a series of measures taken by the Polish government with the aim of reinforcing security - "an absolute priority for Poland" in the current situation. According to the Minister, the prospectives of a pacific solution of the conflict are diminishing, from the moment in which Moscow's evident aim is to block the European integration of Ukraine. Siemoniak further wished for a more intense collaboration between NATO and Ukraine. (ANSA)
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