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President of Kosovo, KFOR essential for regional security

Jahjaga,strongly committed to struggling against foreignfighters

21 January, 19:05

(ANSA) - ROME - "The presence of NATO and KFOR in Kosovo is really necessary . I would say it is essential , especially at a time like this, when no state is safe from global threats ' ' . This is what the president of the Republic of Kosovo , Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga , said in recent days in Rome where she met with the chairmen of the House and Senate.

"The presence of KFOR goes beyond the borders of Kosovo ' ' , and is absolutely necessary ' ' to ensure peace and stability in the Western Balkans ' ', Jahjaga reiterated, speaking with ANSA and clearly referring to the threats and challenges posed by Islamic terrorism . ' ' Kosovo - the president stated - is strongly committed to struggling against the foreign fighters and we are about to pass a law that will provide the police and the judicial authorities with the right tools to respond in an effective manner".

Jahjaga , who along with many other heads of state and government marched in Paris alongside the president Hollande after the violent terrorist attacks in France , does not want to talk about numbers, but admits: the so-called phenomenon of foreign fighters in Syria must be eradicated . 'What happened - she said - gave us the wakeup call: we can not ignore these threats that are getting stronger and stronger in every country, no matter its size ' ' . To fight against extremism you can use many different tools. ' ' Integration , security, education , and economic self-sufficiency for the population: all these elements must be integrated' ' said the president, who used to hold the top police position.

The economic situation in the country is certainly not good.

Many Kosovars, especially young people, are searching for a job in other countries of the EU. ' ' We do have resources , we do have a young population ( about 65% of the population is under 35) . What we want is to reduce is illegal migration of our citizens' ' . For this reason, ' ' we need help from other countries which are friends of ours, such as Italy . And we are open to investment and it is this message that I want to convey to the Italian authorities ' ' . Finally, among the issues to be resolved, the resumption of dialogue with Belgrade, scheduled for February 9 . ''We have made great progress - she said -, but normalizing relations will take us a long time . Serbia needs to make many efforts to implement the agreements signed in Brussels, especially with regard to the dismantling of the existing parallel structures financed and supported by Serbia in northern Kosovo, structures that hold our citizens hostage in these areas' ' .

There is no alternative, ' ' to an improvement in our relations with Belgrade. We are grateful to former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Lady Ashton, and we know that even Federica Mogherini will make every effort to help us normalize our relations and promote dialogue''.

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