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Orban calls for tighter grip on economic migration in the EU

Ppremier: migrants seeking a job are a problem, not an advantage

12 January, 20:28

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - Economic immigration? It is not a 'useful phenomenon'. Quite the contrary, it should be considered a ''danger'' in Europe. Hungarian Conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed this opinion in front of the Hungarian public tv M1 cameras immediately after participating in the great march against terrorism in Paris. According to reports of the Hungarian news agency MTI, Orban stressed that for the EU is time to speak openly of immigration and of all the issues related to it, as well as to introduce tougher measures at the European level, in order to cope with this 'problem'.

According to Orban ''economic migration is a negative factor in Europe, and it should not be considered as a 'useful phenomenon', since it only involves risks and problems for the peoples of Europe''. Hence his desire to reduce the flow of foreigners into the EU, searching for a job and better living conditions. This type of ''immigration must be stopped, and this is Hungary's opinion'', Orban underlined, adding, however, that the doors must remain open for those who flee war and persecution, and are therefore eligible for political asylum.


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