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Moldova: pro-Russian party excluded from Sunday's elections

"Illegally funded from abroad". The Supreme Court decides today

28 November, 16:22

(ANSA) - MOSCOW - A Moldovan appeal court has decided to exclude from Sunday's parliamentary elections the pro-Russian party ''Homeland'', accused of receiving illegal funds from abroad.

This issue, anyway, will be examined today by the Supreme Court.

The leader of the ''Homeland'' party Renato Usatii said this is a political decision, and added that the ''mysterious'' money paid into the party's account (about 424,000 euros) were given unbeknown to the movement by an almost unheard-of offshore company. Usatii is in trouble due to some wiretaps issued this week, in which the politician admitted to be a supporter of Moscow's economic interests in Moldova: the pro-Russian leader justified these words by claiming that he was taking part in a kind of role-playing game on the phone. The ''Homeland'' party - which is opposed to Moldova's EU membership - according to the latest polls could win13% of the vote if it were admitted to Sunday's general election. (ANSA).

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