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Austria, only 12 pilots for 15 Eurofighters

Cuts to the defence budget cause problems for 'Bundesheer'

15 May, 19:38
(ANSA) - VIENNA - Fifteen Eurofighter aircrafts in service, but only twelve pilots available to fly them. This is the most obvious bad consequence of budget cuts to the Bundesheer, the Austrian armed forces, according to daily newspaper ' Salzburger Nachrichten'. In an article dedicated to the 'Sparkurs', the forced spending review adopted by the Armed Forces of Vienna because of the cuts decided by the government. This article also underlines how the flying hours of the Eurofighter aircrafts have been reduced along with the number of pilots available to fly these aircrafts (in April, from 18 to 12), and this news was confirmed by Vienna's Defence Ministry. The pilots who have been made redundant should be used as trainers in the future. Some problems due to austerity in defence budgets are now beginning to affect even the car fleet of the army, according to Salzburg's daily newspaper, which underlines that these cuts, however, will not affect the safety of military operations. (ANSA) .

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