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Slovenia,Jankovic wins Congress government is likely to fall

Premier Bratusek had threatened to resign if defeated

26 April, 17:14

(ANSA) - LJUBLJANA - Zoran Jankovic, mayor of Ljubljana, was crowned winner at the Congress of Positive Slovenia (PS), and therefore has become the new secretary of the party. This victory will probably mark the end of Bratusek's government.

Slovenian premier has repeatedly stated that if she were defeated at the Congress, she would also resign as prime minister.

The government's fate seems to be marked by the fact that all the coalition parties (Social Democrats, Civic List and Desus, Retirees' Party) have repeatedly confirmed their decision to leave the government coalition in case of Jankovic's victory at the congress of Positive Slovenia, the main coalition partner .

At the party Congress 422 votes were in favour of Jankovic and 338 in favour of Bratusek. The mayor of Ljubljana has therefore taken command of the party, just one year after his "abdication" in favour of Bratusek. At that time, Jankovic 's resignation was due to some accusations made against him by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, in relation to a money affair. (ANSA).

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