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Mittelfest, 'Inevitable' is the fil rouge for 2023 edition

Artistic director Pedini presented the festival theme today.

16 November, 19:42
(ANSA) - UDINE, 16 NOV - 'Inevitable,' a word that evokes the opposition between fate and possibility of choice, between immutability and free will, is the theme for the 2023 edition of Mittelfest, chosen by artistic director Giacomo Pedini. The 'fil rouge' of the Mitteleuropa theater, dance, and music festival scheduled for next spring-summer in Cividale del Friuli (Udine), was illustrated today in Udine by the artistic director, along with Mittelfest president Roberto Corciulo.

"After last year's Imprevisti," Pedini explained, "the 2023 festival will pose the age-old question of what margin is given to the individual's choice that is capable of changing the course of a mechanism that seems immutable. This dilemma is an increasingly topical question in the time in which we live, in which it is impossible to know whether, for better or for worse, the point of arrival that awaits us is or is not inevitable." On the same occasion, the creator and curator Roberto Canziani presented the new project Mittelbabel, Mittelfest's archive and historical memory, a digital platform that allows free online use of documents from 30 years of the festival. "Our connection with the territory is increasingly firm and deep-rooted, but at the same time, Mittelfest can cross regional borders, creating important international connections that strengthen the central position of Cividale and FVG in world culture and live performance," Corciulo underlined. Then he announced that ahead of GO!2025, Nova Gorica-Gorizia European Capital of Culture in 2025, the 3rd edition of Mittelyoung, a pre-festival that from May 18-21, 2023 will bring to the stage the theatrical works and performances of the new European artistic youth under 30, will move on the first day of performances from Cividale to Nova Gorica (Slovenia). (ANSA).

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