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'Enjoy Italy', Food & Wine in Ljubljana

Showroom dedicated to successful 'Made in Italy' brands

15 January, 15:17
(ANSA) - LJUBLJANA - From now on Slovenia can boast - in the centre of Ljubljana - a showroom which is exclusively dedicated to Italian Food & Wine, where successful brands offer excellent flavours and fragrances, coming from the whole country. This is 'Enjoy Italy', a temple for aficionados of the Italian flavour, which will officially open on Monday 18 January. It is situated in Cankarjeva cesta 6, hosted by a large room which was once used as a library. The whole space consists of approximately 200 square meters, including a private loft, cafeteria, showrooms, and services. The original idea was born in Trieste and has been carried out by Severino Bettini (managing director) and his sister Rossana (Pr and agenda). ''Our ambitious goal is to integrate our activities into the numerous initiatives arising from this creative neighbourhood - Rossana Bettini explained -; we are aware of the high quality of the restaurants and services in Ljubljana and love the culture that pervades this beautiful European city'' . Thanks to 'Enjoy Italy', the best Italian food products have arrived in Ljubljana: among others, the ''mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP'', the ''Prosciutto di San Daniele'', Parmigiano Reggiano, Carnia (mineral water), finest Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, and the finest grape spirits, such as Franciacorta Prosecco and the wines from sunny Sicilian vineyards. Italian pasta is obviously the queen of the showroom, in all its varieties. As for desserts, you can find whipped ice cream, which is served freshly made, or chocolate cream made without preservatives, followed, of course, by an excellent Italian espresso.

''According to contemporary life style - Bettini said -, at 'Enjoy Italy' you can buy everything you see: bottles of sparkling wine, coffee cups, soft leather seats and the magnificent convivial table made by Calligaris, which designed all our furniture''. Italian style is simple, elegant, and never becomes redundant, except the tricolour chandelier, a stunning artwork designed by Ligurian architect Norberto Botto. Even the logo and graphics are 'made in Italy', designed by Daniela Giraldi's team. (ANSA).

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