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Croatian Mom-manager invented ‘Sea Monopoly’

A table game and a 'Compass' for navigation and environment

23 June, 12:29
(ANSA) - ANCONA - It had to be a mother, at the same time a 'brand manager', a passionate lover of nature and sea travel, to invent two table games - Conquer the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranaut - which are also useful navigation charts, with lots of information on marine parks and protected species and a keen eye for business, in order to transform these two 'Sea Monopoly' into useful gadgets for tourists, which are to be sold, for example, in hotels and libraries.

Sanja Vale Cupic, who lives in Pula, 4 children, graduated in economics and who gained a long-standing experience in developing foreign brands, presented them in Corfu, at the Forum of the Chambers of Commerce overlooking the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, which took place on the Greek island from June 10 to 12, where Sanja took part in the thematic meeting about women's entrepreneurship, a sector which is striving to struggling to resist the crisis, between hope and the usual 'shadows' (difficult access to credit, disparities in salaries, financial aid programmes which are decreasing due to lack of funds).

Sanya, who has just received an award for innovation in Geneva, is now looking for a distributor in Italy and sees that these two products have a great potential to be sold as business gifts, souvenirs and education materials for children. In the name, again, of a culture that unites the whole area. (ANSA).

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