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Controversial teens drug-test stirs debate in Hungary

Kocsis: test should be extended to politicians and journalists

10 December, 12:01

(by Stefano Giantin) (ANSA) - BELGRADE - In Hungary there is a growing debate over the controversial proposal recently made by Mate Kocsis, mayor of the eighth district of Budapest (Jozsefvaros) and member of Fidesz, the absolute majority party led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Kocsis said that it would be in the country's interest to introduce an annual, nationwide and mandatory drug testing of all teenagers (age 12-18), but also of journalists, MPs and politicians elected to regional assemblies. According to local media, the idea was endorsed by the parliamentary group of Fidesz, although some representatives raised strong doubts about the legal basis of this initiative.

Fidesz's leader Antal Rogan made it clear that introducing mandatory drug testing of teens may protect children from drug problems and help fighting drug-trafficking.

After consultations with experts, the proposal made by Kocsis - who had highlighted in a post on his Facebook last Friday that drug-addiction ''threatens our life'', and ''our teens' future'' - could turn into a legislative proposal by February. Meanwhile, the opposition has already expressed strong criticism and the Socialists said that this proposal is ''completely absurd'', and some members of the youth organization within the Democratic Coalition (Dk), in protest over the proposal, delivered today some test tubes containing urine to the city district ruled by Kocsis.(ANSA).

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