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Hollywood,East Europe getting more attractive for filmmakers

Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic leading

22 February, 12:05

(ANSA) - TRIESTE - There has never been a better time for shooting movies in Eastern Europe according to Hollywood Reporter, the leading American news outlet specialised in cinema. Thanks to the system of incentives, tax rebates, versatile shooting locations and expert staff, countries like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Estonia have made themselves more attractive than ever to foreign filmmakers, the Reporter stated. One of the first countries in the region to introduce an incentive system over a decade ago was Hungary, whose film production expenditure today accounts for 0.15% of GDP. Hungary offers generous tax incentives of up to 30% for film and television production. 'Film Estonia', the Estonian incentives programme introduced this year, aims to encourage cooperation between local and foreign film producers, also foreseeing up to 30% incentives. The Czech Republic, which has had its own incentives system in force for five years, offers 20% cash rebates for expenditures on the national level, with 28 million euros available for the current year. Lithuania has introduced its incentives system two years ago, with 20% cash rebates available through partnerships with local production companies.

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