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    • 13:03
    • 26 Aug

    Eighty years ago, the German-Polish conflict that led to WW

    Invasion of Poland scheduled for August 26, but war began on 9/1
    • 10:14
    • 22 Aug

    Paxos to host music fest with reggae from Europe and Africa

    Three days of concerts with message of peace and freedom
    • 18:27
    • 12 Aug

    Expert to ANSA, foreign fighters return challenge to Balkans

    EU needs to boost financial and technical assistance
    • 17:29
    • 08 Aug

    Tourism: Carinthia, Middle Ages revival in Friesach

    Journey through time in the castle under construction
    • 10:39
    • 25 Jul

    The East is warming faster, in Ljubljana record increase

    According to the Crowther Lab's study on climate change
    • 11:38
    • 16 Jul

    Slovenia:minister to ANSA,we are growing,but we fear tariffs

    The labor shortage is also worrisome
    • 16:39
    • 10 Jul

    Croatia: minister to ANSA, Eurozone our strategic goal

    More than half of the population supports plan towards euro area
    • 17:18
    • 09 Jul

    Hungary: minister to ANSA, Visegrad in key position in EU

    Immigration should be stopped. We do appreciate Salvini
    • 14:03
    • 25 Jun

    Bosnia: NGOs warn of 'pollution crisis' in Tuzla

    Coal caused 'over one hundred premature deaths in adults'
    • 20:01
    • 08 Jun

    EuroScience 2020: Fantoni, science at service of citizens

    Editorial of Fit president, organizers of the event