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In Romania first 'Roma cryptocurrency' launched

Two percent of transactions value will be used for charity

26 August, 12:42
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, AUG 26 - A new cryptocurrency named 'Gypsycoin' was launched in Romania this month, an initiative of Daniel Cioaba, self-proclaimed 'King of the Roma' in Romania, local media in the country reported. According to its official website, the Gypsycoin is a traditional cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, but "it is meant to be associated with Roma communities around the world" and to become "the first universal digital currency of the Roma." The symbol of the digital coin is the traditional gypsy wheel in symbiosis with electronic circuits, combining the traditional flag of the Roma community and of the elements of the computer. "This symbol was conceived in this way, meant to appeal to the character of respect for the tradition of the Roma communities, facilitating the association of the Roma with the project," but "is not limited to Roma communities, it is open to anyone who sympathizes with the causes and wants to get involved," the website reads. Two per cent of the benefits generated by the transactions will be directed for funding charity projects in Roma communities, particularly in the field of education for children. The aim is to "to fight discrimination and xenophobia, as well as for the social and educational development of the Roma," Cioaba said, quoted by Romanian media. (ANSA).

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