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Sex selective abortion widespread in Caucasus & West Balkans

Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia like China and India

14 December, 12:06
(ANSA) - BELGRADE - Sex-selective abortion (that is getting rid of ''useless'' daughters before they are born, giving birth exclusively to boys) is a problem not only in Asia, but also in several countries of the Caucasus and of the Western Balkans, as confirmed by a study issued by the authoritative French National Institute of demographic Studies (INED) and signed by Christophe Z. Guilmoto and Geraldine Duthe.

This survey is based on the premise that any significant sex ratio distortion is at least ''suspect'': sex ratio, in fact, is the ratio of males to females in the number of newborn girls and boys, which is considered officially out of balance when it hits 105 boys to 100 girls. Anyway, this ratio is distorted in many countries in the neighbouring South Caucasus and in the Balkans, a sign that ''pre-natal sex selection'' is a problem not only in China (sex ratio 117.8), Vietnam (111.2) and India (110.5). In Azerbaijan , for example, where the ratio has reached 116,8 boys to 100 girls, making it the least balanced country in the world after China, ''which is still the country with the most unbalanced sex ratio'', the study said. In Armenia, the ratio falls to 114.8 and to 111.8 in Georgia. Just below, Albania at 111,7, northwestern Macedonia (110.9), Montenegro (109.8) and Kosovo (109.7).

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