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Refugees: S. Egidio sends 50 youth on Bosnia solidarity trip

Also runs language school outside Lipa refugee camp

18 August, 15:43
(ANSA) - ROME, 18 AGO - The Community of St. Egidio in Rome sent 50 volunteers, the majority of whom are university students and young people from Padua, Treviso, Trieste and Bologna, on a "solidarity trip" to the heart of the Balkan migrant route alongside refugees in camps and makeshift shelters around Bihac.

The summer season hasn't marked the end of the emergency in that region of Bosnia, with tired, hungry and mistreated refugees continuing to travel the land-based migrant route in the hopes of reaching Europe.

Some of the migrants attempt the so-called "game" - the dangerous crossing of the border into Europe - more than once.

The majority of the migrants are Afghans, along with Africans from various countries.

The migrants' hygienic conditions continue to be extremely serious, in addition to problems tied to the scarcity of food and the lack of drinking water.

Part of the work of the St. Egidio volunteers took place together with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), with which a fruitful collaboration has been active for some time.

In addition, together with IPSIA-ACLI, visits to the Lipa camp were also possible.

As a sign of friendship and solidarity, each migrant at the camp was given a t-shirt, a garment that is much appreciated in this season.

Many refugees regularly and enthusiastically participate in language lessons provided by St. Egidio outside the Lipa camp.

The lessons are held in small groups and teach simple phrases in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

The lessons are a chance to speak, get to know others better, and make friends, as well as to strengthen the hope of a better future for all.

"The presence of the young people from St. Egidio shows a different side of Europe, one that is welcoming, kind, and supportive," said the Community of St. Egidio. (ANSA).

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