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Mobility of the future takes centre stage at Expo 2020

Travel and Connectivity Week opens at World Fair

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 10 - Expo 2020 Dubai's first thematic week of the year, the sixth of the World Fair so far, has started and it is devoted to 'Travel and Connectivity'.
    This issue is highly topical as the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined global connectivity, upending travel and international trade.
    What are the new approaches to mobility on the planet at such a critical moment for the sector? The issue has been addressed at many pavilions in a variety of ways, although technology is a common denominator.
    Expo 2020 Dubai considers 'Mobility' an essential area in building a better world, creating the more efficient and effective movement of people, goods and ideas, both physically and virtually.
    Nowhere is this more evident than the eye-catching visitor experience at Expo's Alif - The Mobility Pavilion, one of three mammoth Thematic Pavilions at the site.
    It takes guests on a voyage through time and space to discover how people, goods, ideas and data are interacting in an ever more complex fashion The Switzerland Pavilion on Sunday presented new technology set to enable the railway transition to hyperloop, using existing rail infrastructure that will allow the high-speed futuristic trains to be implemented in a more effective, cost-efficient way.
    Swiss-based Nevomo presented its MagRail technology - a hyperloop inspired magnetic-levitation railway system that makes use of existing tracks to allow both magnetic vehicles and traditional trains to operate on the same railway line interchangeably, which can subsequently be transformed into hyperloop.
    Another solution, Cargospeed - a hyperloop-enabled cargo system that could introduce the fast, sustainable and efficient delivery of cargo around the world - was presented at the pavilion of Expo partner DP World.
    Another high-speed transport system, the Zeleros hyperloop, is showcased at the Spain Pavilion.
    Challenging current perspectives of space and movement, the kinetic Korea Pavilion interacts both with its audience and its surroundings, demonstrating how the real world is simulated by virtual reality to move and change.
    The Slovakia Pavilion describes the nation's rapid development and technological growth, particularly in transport. Visitors can explore a hydrogen-powered passenger car, a technology the nation perceives as the fuel of the future.
    The Estonia Pavilion introduces e-solutions that are part of the people's daily lives, illustrating how Estonians are digital trailblazers that do nearly everything online. (ANSA).


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