Expo Dubai 2020

Expo Dubai: San Marino Golden Fibula on show from Abu Dhabi

Symbol of world's oldest republic remade by artisan

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - A replica of San Marino's Golden Fibula, one of the prides of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, is on show at the Expo Dubai pavilion of the world's oldest republic, founded in 301 AD.
    The eagle-shaped Fibula is from Domagnano, one of the nine castles that make up the territory of the Republic of San Marino.
    The three panels of the Fibula have been replicated by Bologna artsian Marco Casagrande.
    They show the ancient traditions of San Marino as well as local customs and are displayed along with other age-old symbols like the famed San Marino crossbow.
    "This is the only Pavilion among the 100 thematic pavilions to have a VIP lounge on the upper floor, which will be placed at the disposal of its sponsors for business meetings," said Expo commissioner general Mauro Maiani.
    San Marino's national day is on December 10 when flag wavers, musicians and medieval ladies will parade through the centre of Expo at Al Wasl in a unique pageant.
    The tiny republic's population is almost 35,000, the same number as the visitors to the pavilion in the first month of Expo.


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