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Italy's COVID-19 Rt number and incidence down - ISS (7)

Pressure on hospitals falls too

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 28 - Italy's COVID-19 incidence has fallen to 1,823 for every 100,000 inhabitants, according to the weekly coronavirus monitoring report of the health ministry and the Higher Health Institute (ISS), down from 2,011 in last week's report.
    The report said the nation's Rt transmission number had fallen to 0.97 from 1.31 last week.
    It had been over one for three weeks, the report said.
    It said the pressure the pandemic was exerting on Italy's hospitals had fallen too.
    It said the proportion of Italy's intensive-care places occupied by COVID sufferers had dropped from 17.3% to 16.7%.
    It said the proportion of ordinary-ward hospital beds taken up by coronavirus patients was down from 31.6% to 30.4%.
    Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the figures did not warrant any of Italy's regions changing their COVID-risk colour, for the first time in many weeks.
    Currently there are five low-risk white zones, 11 medium risk yellow zones, five medium-to-high orange zones, while no regions are high-risk red.
    ISS chief Silvio Brusaferro said the infection curve had dipped slightly, "the first sign of an inversion in the trend", but that the circulation of the virus remained high in almost all Italian regions.
    He said cases were down in all age groups except for the 0-9 bracket.
    Health ministry prevention chief Gianni Rezza said Omicron 2 was not that different from the original version of the variant.


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