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Mullah Krekar convictions upheld (6)

Spiritual leader of jihadi cell, extradited from Norway

(ANSA) - BOLZANO, JUL 10 - A Bolzano appeals court on Friday upheld all the convictions in a trial into a jihadi cell in Italy featuring an Islamist leader recently extradited to Italy from Norway, Mullah Krekar.
    The man's 12-year prison term was upheld.
    Krekar was found to have been the 'spiritual leader' of the Rawthi Shax jihadi cell, which was dismantled by Italian security police in the autumn of 2015.
    Other sentences were also confirmed.
    Rahim Karim Twana and Hamasalih Wahab Awat got nine years each again, and Abdul Rahman Rahim Zana, Jalal Fatah Kamil and Hamad Bakr got seven and a half years each, as at the first-instance trial.
    Krekar said the trial was politically motivated. (ANSA).


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