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Expo Dubai: Italy's is 1st pavilion certified as sustainable

An example for future events like Rome 2030

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 4 - Italy's is the first pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai to be certified as sustainable, and is an example for future events like Expo 2030 which Rome hopes to host, it emerged at Thursday's presentation of the bid in Dubai.
    Certification company Rina said the Italian pavilion meets the principles of the UNI ISO 2021 norms in its "life cycle" and the events organized there.
    The sustainability principles it respects, it emerged, regard inclusiveness, integrity, transparency and responsible management.
    "I'm happy about this sustainability that has been recognized by a certification, it is a great lesson for future organizations too and for Expo 2030," said the Italian minister for sustainable infrastructure and mobility, Enrico Giovannini.
    "This pavilion was built with completely recyclable materials," said Rina CEO Ugo Salerno, adding that "the events held at the Italian pavilion, too, have been certified by our company for their sustainability and they have not created any emissions".


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