Chinese takeover of drone plant 'breaks armaments law'

Strategic company taken over at Pordenone via offshore company

(ANSA) - PORDENONE, SEP 2 - A Chinese takeover of a drone plant in northern Italy has broken Italy's armaments law, and may have also infringed 'golden power' rules on strategic companies, police sources said Thursday Finance guard tax police have cited six managers, three Italians and three Chinese, in the operation.
    The company near Pordenone produces military drones, airplanes and space vehicles.
    Since it supplies the Italian military, it is subject to special checks and vigilance.
    Two major Chinese state-owned companies have taken a majority stake via an offshore company.
    The firm has already been in the cross-hairs of Italian tax police for an alleged violation of an Iran arms embargo by selling drones to the Islamic Republic.
    The company has denied the charges. (ANSA).


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