Rome uni Afghan girl students appeal for help in Kabul

Safe in homes now but we must move fast says ed min

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 30 - A group of Rome university Afghan girl students on Monday appealed for help to get them out of Kabul.
    The students wrote to La Repubblica and La Stampa dailies saying they needed help "to get out of this suffering city before they (the Taliban) bury us with all our dreams".
    They said "we urgently need help to save our lives from this situation of immediate danger.
    "We need hope to continue our lives".
    Italy's minister for the university and Research, Cristina Messa, told SKYTG24 that "the girls have been divided into groups and entrusted to a number of homes in protected situations, they are moving around to avoid being identified.
    "The situation at the moment is protected, but we have to move fast". (ANSA).


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