Italy left alone by EU on migrants

100 migrants leave Messina for Rocca di Papa

(ANSA) - Genoa, August 28 - Albanian Premier Edi Rama said Tuesday Italy had been left alone by the EU to cope with the migrant emergency.
    Speaking in Genoa after agreeing to take in 20 Eritrean migrants from the Diciotti coast guard ship after a 10-day standoff, Rama said "Italy has been the most welcoming country in Europe in the last 30 years, but it has been left alone and nerves are no longer so solid, we intervened hoping that Europe would do something concrete to resolve the problem".
    "We (Albanians) were once the Eritreans. Italy was our promised land and the Italians did not ever leave us in the middle of the sea".
    Some 100 of the 177 migrants left a Messina hotspot for Rocca di Papa Tuesday after the Italian catholic Church agred to take them in.
    They will be distributed among several dioceses across Italy.
    Ireland also agreed to take in 20, like Albania.
    Since Albania is a non-EU country, migrants will go there only on a voluntary basis.


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