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Vatican nativity scene to come from Friuli town

Sutrio in Carnia's presepe to arrive in St Peter's Square Dec 3

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 21 - This year's Vatican nativity scene in St Peter's Square is set to come from a Friuli town.
    The 'Presepe del Natale 2022 in Vaticano' will arrive on Saturday December 3 from Sutrio in Carnia near Udine, the Vatican said Monday.
    With 18 life-size statues arrayed on a surface measuring 116 square metres and lit by 50 points of light, the creche has been made by a team of artisans of Friuli Venezia Giulia including artistic director Stefano Comellia and a Ukrainian artist who has been in Italy since 1999, Oleksander Shteyninher.
    The craftsmen have been working on the figures since 2020 when the Vatican agreed that Sutrio should make and provide the nativity scene. (ANSA).


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