A nurse saved my life, again says pope

First time in 1957, 2nd before July 4 colon op

(ANSA) - VATICAN CITY, AUG 30 - Pope Francis has told a Spanish radio station that a nurse saved his life for the second time in his life on the occasion of his recent colon operation.
    Francis said the first time had been in 1957.
    Referring to the colon op on July 4, the pope told COPE Radio in an interview that will be broadcast in full on Wednesday that "a (male) nurse saved my life, a man of great experience".
    He added: "It is the second time in my life that a nurser has saved my life.
    "The first was in 1957".
    The pope, 84, spent 10 days in Rome's Gemelli Hospital at the beginning of July after having an operation called a left-hemicolectomy, which removed the left side of the colon and joined the remaining sections - a common procedures in cases of recurring episodes of diverticulitis. (ANSA).


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