Pope praying for victims of Nice attack

Francis close to France's Catholic community says Vatican

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 29 - The Vatican said Thursday that Pope Francis is praying for the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice's Basilica of Notre Dame in which three people were stabbed to death.
    "It is a moment of pain in a time of confusion," said Vatican Spokesman Matteo Bruni.
    "Terrorism and violence can never be accepted.
    "Today's attack sowed death in a place of love and consolation, the house of the Lord.
    "The pope has been informed of the situation and is close to the Catholic community in mourning.
    "He is praying for the victims and for the loved ones, and for violence to stop and we go back to looking at each other as brothers and sister, and for the beloved French people to be able react united to evil with good". (ANSA).


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