Olympics: Italy win coxless 4 bronze despite kamikaze Brits

Federico Burdisso also wins bronze in 200m butterfly

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 28 - Italy won two bronze medals at Tokyo 2020 on Wednesday thanks to swimmer Federico Burdisso in the 200 metres butterfly and the men's coxless four rowing team.
    The rowers had to overcome adversity to reach the podium, with Marco Di Costanzo woken up at the last minute to replace Bruno Rosetti after the latter tested positive for COVID-19.
    They were also furious after the British quartet veered off course and almost crashed into the Italian boat in the closing stages of the race.
    "We won a medal despite COVID and the English, who did a 'kamikaze' act and deprived us of the chance to win silver," said Giuseppe Vicino, who finished third along with Matteo Castaldo, Matteo Lodo and Di Costanzo, behind Romania and gold medallists Australia.
    "If they hadn't invaded our lane in the last metres of the race when we were faster than everyone we would have won the silver, at least.
    "It wasn't good sportsmanship and I don't understand why they did it".
    Burdisso said he felt the pressure acutely before his race.
    "I felt a lot of stress lately and I didn't even want to do it," he told RAI television.
    "But now I'm happy". (ANSA).


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