Milan-Cortina get 2026 Winter Olympics

IOC decision gives Italy 2nd winter games in 20 yrs, after Turin

(ANSA) - Lausanne, June 24 - Milan-Cortina got the 2026 Winter Olympics Monday beating Stockholm-Aare in a vote by the the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It will be 20 years since the last Winter Olympics in Italy, in 2006 in Turin.
    Premier Giuseppe Conte tweeted "we are proud of this great result! "Italy has won: a whole country that has worked united and compact with the ambition of realising and offering to the world a memorable sporting event. #2026Olympics #MilanCortina.
    Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said "great satisfaction for the assignation of the 2026 Olympics!. "It's an extremely important result for Italy, the fruit of excellent teamwork, to which the foreign ministry and its diplomatic network are proud to have contributed".
    Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini said that "Italy, the future and sport win: my thanks to those who believed immediately, especially in the towns and regions, and a pity for those who gave up. "There will be at least five billion euros in added value, 20,000 jobs, as well as so many new roads and sports facilities: with the winter Olympics we will confirm to the world our excellence and our capacities".
    President Sergio Mattarella applauded at length Cortina-Milan's Olympic win.