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Not enough to donate vaccines Speranza tells G7

Omicron confirms urgency, coordination by UN and WHO

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 29 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza told G7 colleagues Monday that it was not enough to donate COVID vaccines to the most fragile countries, which needed more support too.
    "The identification of the Omicron variant in southern Africa confirms the urgency of doing more to vaccinate the population of the most fragile countries, and there will be a need for a coordinating role by the United Nations and the World Health Organization," he said.
    "It's not enough to donate doses, we must concretely support those who do not have structured and blanket health services like ours.
    "We must be certain that the vaccines donated are effectively administered and to do that in the most fragile countries you will need a coordination role by the UN and WHO". (ANSA).


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