Puglia's key role in aerospace sector on highlighted at Expo

Southern region leader in many areas of sector says Emiliano

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 18 - The southern Italian region of Puglia shined the spotlight on the strategic role it plays in the aerospace industry with an international forum at Expo 2020 Dubai on Monday "Over the last 10 years, together we took the decision to help with the European and Italian challenge of conquerng space," Puglia Governor Michele Emiliano said as he opened the event, entitled 'A journey through beauty and innovation: from Puglia to Outer Space' at the amphitheatre of the Italy Pavilion.
    "Puglia is one of Italy's top regions in terms of aerospace activities and the number of production facilities it has and it is the leader in carbon-fibre composite materials and intelligent motor systems for aeronautics and space" Some 540 Puglia firms employing 7,931 workers are involved in the sector.
    In 2019 Puglia's aerospace exports were worth 737.9 million euros, 11.9% of the total for the whole of Italy, up from 5% in 2009.
    It did pretty well in 2020 too, despite the pandemic, with exports worth 541 million euros. (ANSA).


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