Vaccines: Target of 60% of jabs to under-19s reached

Legal row between EU and AstraZeneca settled

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 3 - Italy has reached its target of vaccinating 60% of its under-19 population, sources said Friday.
    That is a total of over 2.7 million young people.
    Some 1.8 million of the age bracket are without any dose.
    COVID Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo had set a target of a minimum of 60% of students vaccinated in order to return to school in person and in safely.
    Meanwhile a legal dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca was settled Friday.
    The company will deliver its remaining contractually obliged doses.
    "AstraZeneca is effective, safe and important," said a European Commission spokesman.
    "Several member states need it for their vaccination campaigns".
    The EU had sued the pharma giant for failing to meet its deliveries on time. (ANSA).


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