WHO warning that pandemic not over 'right' says Speranza

Great attention on 'concerning' variants says health minister

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 8 - The World Health Organization's warning that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over was "right", Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Thursday.
    "The WHO's words of caution are those that I have been repeating for a long time: the pandemic is not over, we must have great prudence and attention above all for the variants which elements of further concern in a framework that must be followed with great attention," Speranza said on the sidelines of the Farmindustria annual general meeting.
    "There is a notably better picture with respect to that which we have known in previous months but we must keep our guard high".
    Speranza added that there was an "understandable" debate about the speed and scope of Italy's vaccine rollout but stressed that "we must look at the numbers, day by day.
    "And every day we are over the 500,000 doses administered." With regard to Britain's decision to reopen despite the steady rise of the more infectious Delta variant, Speranza said "we chose a line on April 26, which is a line of gradualness and prudence and taking it step by step with the utmost caution. And this line has borne fruit." The minister underscored that "we must work to restart in the safest way possible". (ANSA).


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