COVID-19: Over 100 scientists call for drastic measures

Action needed within days say experts

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 23 - Over 100 scientists have signed a petition sent to President Sergio Mattarella and Premier Giuseppe Conte calling on the government to adopt drastic measures within the next two or three days to combat the spread of COVID-19 Italy has seen a sharp rise in contagion and registered over 16,000 new cases and 136 deaths on Thursday.
    "As scientists, researchers and university professors, we feel it necessary and urgent to express our profound concern about the current phase of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic," read the appeal, referring to estimates by physicist Giorgio Parisi that the doubling of deaths each week could soon lead to Italy having 400-500 coronavirus deaths a day.
    The petition said it would be wrong to delay taking action out of fear of the impact on the economy.
    "Taking effective steps now is necessary to protect the economy and jobs," it said, arguing that the impact of the coronavirus will be even bigger if infection gets totally out of control.


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