Italy presents bill of Internet rights

Bill defends individual rights to web access, privacy, security

(ANSA) - Rome, July 28 - An Italian parliamentary commission presented a bill of rights linked to the Internet on Tuesday which defends individual users' rights to web access and online privacy, and also sets out the duties of those who share information.
    The bill aims to help develop a sense of citizenship in the Internet era, said Stefano Rodotà, president of the commission who drew it up. Presenting it on Tuesday, Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini said the bill was aimed at helping young people and hoped it would be used in schools.
    "At the moment we consider this to be the most comprehensive and innovative work possible," Boldrini said.
    "But the Internet phenomenon is continuously changing, so a bill that wants to offer rights has to be constantly evolving," she said.
    The bill also outlines rights to security and identity on the Internet, and discusses the rights of people to ask for old information without public relevance to be removed from Internet search engines.


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