A taste of fall with 'pastin', chestnuts and mountain cheese

Tour in November to savor typical products of the Dolomites


The month of November is perfect for a tour to savor the genuine flavors of the Dolomites in the area of Belluno, in Veneto, with products and fruits 'hidden' inside a rough skin. Typical local products include chestnuts "Morone Feltrino", a variety that is particularly renowned for its sweet flavor and soft texture, which makes it a perfect ingredient for cakes as well as first and main courses like the "minestra di marroni", or chestnut soup.

This chestnut variety can also be grilled. Morone Feltrino chestnuts come from the national park Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi, an area between Feltre, Pedavena, Cesiomaggiore, Sospirolo, San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Seren del Grappa, Fonzaso, Quero Vas and Alano di Piave. And on November 8-10, Rasai di Seren del Grappa will host the 14th national gourmet competition 'Concorso Gastronomico Nazionale sul Castagno', which is dedicated to cakes and pastries made from chestnut flour.

Typical local main courses also include "pastin" - a dish prepared with minced pork, beef and lard with spices from the Belluno area. Usually served with polenta or with two slices of grilled bread, 'pastin' is a popular dish that can also be savored at the best local restaurants.

It is sold all year round although its ideal month is November. "Pastin" has been listed among the traditional food products of the Veneto region (PAT). A dish included in the 'quality charter' of the national park of the Dolomites in Belluno, it can also be savored as part of the gourmet tours Strada dei Formaggi (cheese road) and Sapori delle Dolomiti Bellunesi (flavors of the Belluno Dolomites). Shepherds also go down to local valleys in November to sell cheeses made with milk from mountain pastures which are produced at high-altitude 'malghe' farms.

Traditional cheeses include Piave Dop, "Schiz", which is grilled, Dolomiti, Zumelle, and many others presented as part of the "AltoGusto" event. The gourmet tour has already started and will continue until the spring. It is inspired by the theme "rebirth of the woods". The initiative in November will be hosted by the Dolada restaurant in Alpago.

In collaboration with:
Provincia di Belluno e Consorzio DMO Dolomiti