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Develop regional autonomy while ensuring rights-Mattarella

Solidarity and inter-dependence in seeking autonomy says pres

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 6 - President Sergio Mattarella told the first Italy of Regions Festival in Monza Tuesday that regional autonomy must be developed while guaranteeing people's social rights.
    After Friuli and Puglia governors Massimiliano Fedriga and Michele Emiliano spoke, the president said: "Both governors have expressed an open attitude on the issue of differentiation of regional competences, provided that this takes place through the contextual consideration and implementation of the constitutional dictate, holding together the development of autonomy with the guarantee, extended to the entire national territory, of civil and social rights, as well as with adequate attention to equalisation requirements.
    "These elements do not constitute limits or correctives to autonomy but are the very characteristics of autonomy".
    Mattarella also stressed the importance of "solidarity and inter-dependence in seeking autonomy", said that regional networks "contribute to social cohesion", and called for collaboration between the central State and the regions without undue claims by either. (ANSA).


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