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NATO will protect Balkans and Ukraine's neighbours - Tajani

Decree on more arms to Kyiv to cabinet soon,migrants EU issue-FM

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 30 - NATO will protect the Balkans and Ukrtaine's neighbours, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on the second day of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Bucharest Wednesday.
    "We need more Europe in the Western Balkans, this is the new strategy of Italy. Stability is crucial to maintain peace but also to fight illegal immigration," he said.
    "As NATO we must protect all the countries of the Western Balkans and the neighbours of Ukraine: now it is important to work together because unity is the most important thing and sends a clear message to Russia that we are ready to protect these countries".
    Speaking after the summit ended, Tajani added that a decree on Italy extending arms supplies to Kyiv would come before cabinet soon.
    "Soon the Defence Minister will bring to cabinet the decree to extend the time of the decisions already taken that expire on December 31 for a possible supply of military means to Ukraine, naturally always subject to parliamentary passage", he said.
    Tajani added that migration must be a European issue.
    "This government wants to welcome migrants who can fit in our country and people who flee war", he said.
    "We do not want there to be illegal immigration or flows borne by Italy alone, here too we have reiterated that the issue of migration must concern the whole of Europe," specified the minister.
    "The government is thinking about a strategy to make the current regulations on flows more effective so as to integrate into our country people who have already been trained". (ANSA).


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