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We must discuss 'updating' NRRP with EU says Meloni

Recovery Plan is a 'date Italy cannot miss' says premier

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 24 - Premier Giorgia Meloni said Thursday that her government would seek to agree on changes to Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP, or PNNR in Italian) with the European Commission.
    The NRRP seeks to make the Italian economy Greener and more modern thanks to a huge investment plan, based primarily on EU grants and low-interest loans worth close to 200 billion euros and conditional on Rome passing a series of reform.
    But Meloni, who was sworn in as Italy's first premier last month, has been calling for the plan to be revised as it was created in a situation that has subsequently changed significantly following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
    "We must verify the most suitable measures with which to update the NRRP with the EU," Meloni told the assembly of local-authorities agency ANCI.
    "As President (Sergio) Mattarella said, the NRRP is a date that Italy cannot miss.
    "It is an extraordinary opportunity to modernise Italy". (ANSA).


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