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'Pacta sunt servanda' says Gentiloni on new govt

Agreements with EC must be kept says econ commissioner

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 28 - 'Pacta sunt servanda,' the Latin tag for pacts must be respected, was how European Economic Affairs Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni replied when asked about the new Giorgia Meloni-led rightwing Italian government at an EU-US forum organized by the Atlantic Council Wednesday.
    "We are ready to collaborate with all governments, including the one coming into power in Italy," said the former Italian premier.
    "We have a very important cooperation with Rome on the (National) Recovery (and Resilience Plan), NRRP, and we have our common rules, which we expect all member States to meet," said the former centre-left Democratic party (PD) chairman.
    He said the EC expected all members to "adhere to the pacts underlying our Union" and added: "I am confident that it will be so for Italy too.
    "We are ready to cooperate".
    Italy is set to get the bulk, almost 200 billion euros, of the EU's massive post-COVID recovery fund in exchange for meeting 'milestone' reform targets.
    Speeding up a snail-paced justice system, cutting red tape on business and attracting more inward investment are among the goals.
    "It is fundamental that the new government honours the NRRP," Gentiloni stressed. (ANSA).


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