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Pizzeria displays higher power bill to justify price hikes

We can't go on like this says restaurateur

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 17 - A pizzeria near Cremona in Lombardy has displayed its recent higher power bills to justify higher prices for its pizza, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported Wednesday.
    The restaurateur put a photocopy of his latest bill in the window of his pizzeria at Roncadello.
    He wrote beside it: "When expenses get too much".
    The man added: "I''ve been forced to charge 10 euros for a Margherita and get taken for a thief or to close the business".
    The man, Alberto Rovati, owner of the pizzeria 'Funky Gallo', was given a 4,000 euro electricity bill for the month of July this year.
    He told Corriere this was 300% higher than last July's bill, 1,1350 euros.
    He said he received the bill last Sunday and decided to display it immediately, "not to scare off customers, but to send a message that we can't go on like this".
    Italians are facing spiralling energy bills amid a cost of living crisis, partly caused by the Ukraine war.
    The government has issued two aid packages and has also passed curbs on power bill hikes.
    Some parties have been calling for a windfall tax on energy giants to fund moves to mitigate bills further.
    The government has also urged consumers to take energy saving measures. (ANSA).


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