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Meloni says coherent foreign stance, no lessons from Letta

Don't need make-up, plaster won't hide your contradictions

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 10 - Hard right Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni said Wednesday the FdI's pro-NATO and pro-EU stance was coherent and she would not take lessons from centre-left Democratic Party (PD) leader Enrico Letta who earlier accused her of trying to 'put on powder' in an allegedly cosmetic change from her post-Fascist roots.
    She also slammed Letta's electoral deal with post-Communists.
    Meloni, who is tipped to become Italy's first woman and first post--Fascist premier after the September 25 general election, said on Facebook: "Brothers of Italy's position on foreign policy is coherent and extremely clear, and has as its lodestar the defence of the Italian national interest.
    "And we don't accept lessons from those who set themselves up as paladins of pro-NATO policy, but then make pacts with the radical Left nostalgic for the USSR.
    This referred to an electoral pact Letta sealed with the Italian Left (SI), a post-Communist party.
    "We don't need powder for our make-up, while you would not even be able to cover up your contradictions with plaster".
    The PD itself includes former Communists and former leftwing Christian Democrats.
    Meloni, who told Fox News in her first English-language interview last week that she would be proud to be premier, sent a video to the foreign press in English, French and Spanish Wednesday saying there was no nostalgia for Fascism in her party and the FdI's position in the western camp was "crystal clear", sharing values with Britain's Conservatives, America's republicans and Israel's Likud.
    "I have read that a Brothers of Italy victory in the September elections would be a disaster heralding an authoritarian shift, Italy's exit from the euro and other nonsense of this ilk," she said.
    "None of this is true. The Italian right has consigned Fascism to history for decades now, condemning without ambiguity the suppression of democracy and the disgraceful laws against the Jews.
    "For years I have had the honour of leading the European Conservative Party which shares values and experiences with Britain's Tories, America's Republicans and Israel's Likud.
    "Our position in the western camp is transparent and crystal clear as we have shown once more by condemning without ifs or buts Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine and, helping from the opposition, strengthening Italy's position in European and international fora".
    The FdI has gained in popularity by being the only major party to oppose outgoing premier Mario Draghi's national unity government, criticising its Green Pass COVID health certificate and advocating stronger action on immigration.
    The FdI has also been a lightning rod for discontent amid the cost of living crisis and Meloni has vowed to take back power from the EU, close borders to creeping "Islamisation" and combat "LGBT lobbies". (ANSA).


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