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Meloni will be PM if she gets one vote more than me -Salvini

'That's democracy' says League leader of FdI ally

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 9 - Hard right Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni, currently far ahead in opinion polls ahead of the September 25 general election, will become Italy's first woman and first post-fascist premier if she gets "one vote more than me", far right and anti-migrant League leader Matteo Salvini repeated Tuesday.
    FdI is currently on 23.8% of the vote, the latest opinion poll said Tuesday, while the League is polling at 12.5%, ahead of the 8% of the third member of the coalition, former premier and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right Forza Itaia (FI) party.
    "If Giorgia Meloni gets one more vote, Giorgia Meloni will be premier," said Salvini.
    "If Matteo Salvini gets one more vote, it will be Matteo Salvini who gets the job.
    "Nothing could be more clear, beautiful and linear than this." Salvini added: "this is democracy, while on the other side there is the scratch card lottery between Letta, Renzi, Calenda, Di Maio, Bonino, Speranza, Conte, Fratoianni and whoever else you might like to add". (ANSA).


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